This pack focuses on the newborn stage and is packed full of useful information to help to guide you through the newborn stages.

You will see that there is two routines included, 6-8 weeks and 8-11 weeks, changes to your babies awake windows increase over that period, so this allows you to gradually navigate your way through one stage and onto another with ease.

You will gain knowledege in the science behind your babies sleep, a sleep cycle fact sheet so you can clearly see the stages your baby goes through when they are sleeping.

There is endless amounts of information on positive sleep habits, photo sheet with recommendations to help with those too and you will also learn various Gentle and effective sleep methods to help when you experience any sleep setbacks. This Mini Self Led pack aims to give you the knowledge by providing you will relevant information, which will guide you through those first few months with your baby.

You will begin to feel confident when you feel ready to gain some structure & create your babies gentle routine. This pack is there to support you, you can refer to it as and when you need!

6-11 weeks- Newborn Bundle Pack

SKU: CHKY 0001
    • New Schedule for your baby- 6-8 weeks
    • Next Schedule for your baby- 8-11 weeks
    • Sleep tips and awake window table
    • Sleep implementation tip sheet
    • Photo Sheet prop recommendation list
    • Encouraging positive sleep habits
    • Sleep Cycle information sheet
    • The Importance of Awake Windows & tips how to manage them
    • Extensive Sleep Blog packed full of info
    • Gentle Sleep Methods List
    • Gentle Sleep implementation advice
    • Sleep topics: What may arise & how to overcome them
    • FAQ See what other parents have asked along the way!