Please note that this is a basic mini sleep pack aimed at tackling a specific sleep topic. It does not contain the amount of sleep information provided in the Mini Sleep Bundle Packs above.

You will be purchasing an extensive sleep plan &  a new schedule specifically for your baby's age.

If your little on is being held to sleep and it is no longer sustainable for you, then this step by step gentle process will work well for you.

This Extensive Sleep Plan is aimed to offer the support and guidance over a 3 week period which will guide you through your sleep journey & improve your sleep situation by replacing one form of comfort with an alternative sleep association.

It is ok to seek change if a particular sleep method is becoming more and more difficult and is no longer working for you and your baby.

This method is gradual and if you are consistent with each method, you will get the results and the much needed sleep you all deserve!

Leave a note at the checkout or email me directly to also get your new routine/schedule for your baby. You will begin to implement your new schedule at the same time as it aims to manage your baby's awake windows and nap timings appropriately for their specific age and capabilities.

Holding/Rocking to Sleep (Extensive Step by Step Sleep Guide)

    • A new Schedule/Routine for your babies age
    • An Extensive Step by Step Sleep Plan 
    • Dont forget to leave a note with your babies age at the checkout & you will recieve your new schedule the exact same day!