This is our basic sleep pack focused on a specific sleep topic. You do not get all of the sleep information available in the Mini Sleep Bundle Packs above.

If you prefer a Simple Mini Pack aimed at specifically getting rid of the dummy, then this is perfect for you! You will get an extensive sleep plan & a new schedule included with this purchase.

You will need to leave a note at the checkout or email me directly for your new routine/schedule which is also part of this sleep pack! I will simply need to know your babies age so I can send you your routine specifically tailored for you!

If you are experiencing dummy drama's & your baby is now waking once it falls out, then this will help with just that. If you are experiencing disturbed nights now your baby is older and you feel it is time to ditch the dummy, then this process will guide you through how do that! If one form of comfort is no longer working, it is ok to seek guidance & a positive change..

If your baby has been used to this form of comfort for a considerable time now, this process takes you through a gentle sleep plan, step by step and over a period of 3 weeks. It will take a lot of perserverance & it will most probably be met with some protest as your baby comes to learn a new way of getting to sleep!

Consistency is key to improving your sleep journey! It will work if you stick with it!

Dummy Drama's? (Extensive Step by Step Sleep Guide)

    • A new Routine/Schedule for your baby
    • A handy tips & tricks sheet 
    • An Extensive Sleep Plan
    • Dont forget to leave a note at the checkout, stating your babies age so I can forward the relevent schedule the exact same day!