This Gentle Routine & Sleep Pack aims to inform and empower you to tackle any sleep setbacks you may be experiencing. You will notice in your pack, an extensive sleep plan. If your baby is experiencing sleep issues related to the dummy or reliance on you (being held, rocked to sleep) then this plan will be super helpful for you and explains step by step just how to get through it in a matter of weeks.

The Sleep Plan is a gentle and responsive one and aims to limit the amount of protest. 

However you do not have to use the plan, you have another option where you can choose your own gentle method from your list also included in this pack, you can choose one method that you feel will work best for both you and your baby. There are tips on how to begin your process, including step by step guide to show you where to start and how to go through your first few weeks implementing change to your sleep journey, and if you want full control, then you can use my blank template to plan your own way! You will also see sleep support setbacks, FAQ asked by other parents going through the process and my answers help you overcome those tricky parts. There is lots of information for you at your finger tips, tips and tips, sleep support, what to expect in the coming months, nap transitions, common sleep topics to overcome & much more!

8-9 Month Old Sleep Support

SKU: CHKY 0005
    • Introduction sheet: Order, print & pop in a folder!
    • A new routine and schedule to follow
    • Awake window info & sleep tips
    • How to manage those Awake Windows
    • Sleep cycle info & flow chart
    • An Extensive Sleep Plan
    • Gentle Sleep Methods
    • Sleep Method Implementation
    • Plan Your Process Tips sheet
    • Plan your Process - Step by Step guide
    • FAQ- Sleep support- Part one
    • FAQ-  Sleep support- Part two
    • Sleep Setback support
    • Common Sleep Topics
    • What to expect in the coming months