This 6 Month Gentle Sleep Pack is perfect for those seeking to make change to their current sleep situation that is no longer sustainable. If your little one is dummy reliant or being held to sleep, you can refer to the extensive, gentle and slow sleep plan included in this pack, and you can choose to follow this step by step as it is the most responsive approach which hopes to limit the amount of upset and tears.

If you would like to choose your own sleep method that best suits you and your baby, then you can choose from our Gentle Sleep Method list also inlcuded in the pack. Along with that you can see the implementation sheet which helps you to begin your journey & gives you the tips on where and how to start. There are tips on how to begin your process, including step by step guide to show you where to start and how to go through your first few weeks implementing change to your sleep journey, and if you want full control, then you can use my blank template to plan your own way!

The idea behind these mini sleep packs, is that you can go at a pace that suits you and you will have all the information in the palm of your hands in forever.

6 months is typically the age you may start to wean your baby, so you will also see x2 photo sheets, one with handy tips as you start your weaning journey and the other pdf is recommendations for you to help to inform you on recipe books, props and more!

This is a great all round package designed to empower you and harm you with the knowledge & all round confidence as you begin this next phase!

6-7 Month Routine & Sleep Pack

SKU: CHKY 0004
    • Introductioin sheet- Order, print & pop in a folder
    • New Routine/Schedule (includes weaning mealtimes)
    • Awake window chart & sleep advice
    • The importance of those Awake Windows & how to manage them
    • Sleep Support pdf
    • Sleep Cycle chart & Fact sheet
    • Gentle Sleep Method List
    • Gentle Sleep implementation
    • Sleep Support common setbacks
    • Common Sleep Topics & how to tackle
    • FAQ Sheet- Part one
    • FAQ Sheet- Part two
    • Gentle & extensive Sleep Plan
    • Sleep Support setbacks & how to overcome
    • Weaning Tips Photo Sheet
    • Weaning Prop Recommendation Photo Sheet
    • Templates for Sleep Planning & Routine changes