If you are looking to gain some structure to your day, structure those naps for your baby and to implement a more predictable routine, then this pack will most certainly benefit you. 

You will recieve a photo sheet sleep prop recommendation List that may help with your current sleep situation, and you will also see a Sleep Plan which is super helpful if your baby likes to be held to sleep or is reliant on the dummy. Of course it is optional, you may choose a different method from your List and make progress with that. You can simply keep your Sleep Plan for a potential later date or you can choose to follow the slow and gentle process step by step if your prefer!

There is endless sleep info in the form of an extensive blog, fact sheets, sleep cylce info and much more!

Included in this pack, is a gentle sleep method pdf which gives you the information on how to implement the gentle sleep methods and to encourage your baby to sleep better for both daytime sleeps & night times too. You will have a couple of sleep science and tips sheets which will help you to understand your baby's awake windows, along with some sleep facts and tips which will inform you and hopefully give you the confidence you need to make those positive changes to your sleep situation! 

There are tips on how to begin your process, including step by step guide to show you where to start and how to go through your first few weeks implementing change to your sleep journey, and if you want full control, then you can use my blank template to plan your own way!

4-5 Month Routine & Sleep Pack

    • Introduction sheet: Order, print & pop in a folder!
    • One routine/schedule
    • Gentle Sleep Method sheet
    • Gentle Sleep Method: Implementation
    • Sleep Science & Awake window chart
    • The importance of Awake Windows & tips on managing
    • Sleep implementation tips & advice
    • Sleep Cycle Fact sheet & diagram 
    • FAQ during support period: Part 1
    • FAQ during suport period: Part 2
    • Extensive Sleep plan helpful for those babies who like to be rocked or held to sleep
    • Sleep Plan is also helpful for dummy reliance
    • Sleep topics: How to overcome common sleep topics
    • How to encourage positive sleep habits
    • Photo sheet- Sleep Prop recommendations
    • Extensive Sleep Blog full of info on all things sleep!
    • Templates for planning & routine changes