This Routine ans Sleep Pack is great for those seeking structure to their days. This pack is specifically for toddlers aged from 18 months to 2 years and includes one schedule so start on a smaller awake window if you need to and then extend as your child gears up to the age of 2 years! 

This pack contains sleep information specific for this age range, how to begin to implement those changes. You will have a list of either Gentle Sleep Methods or Sleep Methods for older children, to choose from, you can choose what you feel comfortable with

Also included is a 'What happens next' pdf which explains what to expect in the coming months, nap transitions & just how to manage those obstacles. You will be informed how to deal with those specific sleep topics and bedtime battles that come with this age, hopefully giving you that confidence to make those changes at your own pace & sucessfully!


18 Month - 2 year Routine & Sleep Pack

SKU: CHKY 0008
    • Introduction sheet: Order, print & pop in a folder!
    • New Schedule to follow (18months +)
    • Gentle Sleep Methods- For Babies & Children
    • Gentle Sleep Methods for Older Children
    • Where to start with Implemention of methods
    • FAQ during a typical support package
    • Sleep Support Setbacks & how to deal with those
    • How to deal with specific sleep topics Part 1
    • Sleep topics for older babies & how to overcome
    • Dealing with the most common sleep topics
    • Photo Sheet- Sleep prop recommendations
    • What to expect in the coming months
    • Nap Transitions