This sleep pack is jam packed full of sleep information aimed to arm you with the knowledge, tools and the confidence to make those changes to your current sleep situaton.

You will have a routine specific for your babies age and it will show you nap timings, feed timings & allow you to feel more in control of your day.

12 weeks is a great time to introduce routine, not just for your day but you can also encourage a bedtime routine too. You will have all the information at your finger tips, lots of sleep science info, sleep cycle flow charts. tips and tricks, and just where to start!

There is an extensive Sleep Blog which helps you to set up your baby's sleep environment, a photo sheet where you can see what I recommend to help encourage those longer sleeps and create those positive sleep habits which will help your baby's sleep go much more smoothly!

Your pack is yours to keep and is at your fingertips whenever you need to refer to it & you need those answers to solve any common sleep topics. You will feel empowered & in control when it comes to introducing your new schedule & you will get that rest you deserve!

12 weeks Gentle Sleep Pack

SKU: CHKY 0002
    • Introduction Sheet: Order, print & pop in a folder!
    • A new schedule/routine
    • Sleep Tips and Awake window info
    • Support Implementation
    • The Importance of Awake Windows & how to manage them
    • Encouraging positive sleep habits
    • Sleep cycle flow chart & info sheet
    • Photo Sheet- prop recommendation list
    • Gentle Sleep Methods
    • Gentle Sleep Methods implementation tips
    • Extensive Gentle Sleep Plan
    • FAQ- Part one- check out my advice
    • FAQ- Part two- see what parents asked me 
    • Extensive Sleep Blog jam packed with sleep info