This Gentle Routine & Sleep Mini Pack, is aimed to help improve your sleep situation and also offers you a new schedule specific for your childs age, to implement and follow when you are ready. Included you will notice there is an extensive sleep plan which you can choose to use if your little one is experiencing dummy reliance to get to sleep or is being held or rocked to sleep. You can see in the plan, a step by step guide for you to follow over a period of a few weeks, this is optional, you can also choose to skip parts and move onto the next at your own pace, if you feel it works best for your baby.

Alternatively you can choose any method of the Gentle Sleep Methods list included in this pack and go at your own pace completely. Be consisitent and stick with your chosen approach to ensure those positives changes happen. There are tips on how to begin your process, including step by step guide to show you where to start and how to go through your first few weeks implementing change to your sleep journey, and if you want full control, then you can use my blank template to plan your own way!

You will see Sleep Support setbacks, covering potential obstacles that may arise and how to overcome those, and also a list of FAQ so you can see how others have dealt with the process and what setbacks they may have faced. 

A super helpful pack, contained with lots of tips and useful information, aimed to harm you with knowledge and confidence to implement those positive changes & get that sleep you deserve!


10-12 Month Routine & Sleep Pack

SKU: CHKY 0006
    • Introduction sheet- Order, print & pop in a folder!
    • A new Routine/schedule to follow (10-11 months)
    • Next Stage Routine (12 months plus)
    • The Importance of Awake Windows & how to manage them
    • Sleep Cycle info sheet & flow chart
    • Gentle Sleep method List
    • Gentle Sleep support on how to implement
    • Plan your Process Tips sheet
    • Step by step plan to guide you through
    • FAQ Support Implementation- part one
    • FAQ Support Implementation- part two
    • Extensive Sleep Plan- Gentle process
    • Sleep Topics- Common sleep concerns
    • Sleep Support setbacks- How to overcome those.