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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Louise Callear

Creator of Cheeky Tinkers Maternity.

The idea behind Cheeky Tinkers Maternity is to offer a range of packages to help parents with newborns & beyond.

There is something for everyone, one to one packages, more remote support via email and message & now my new online sleep support packs which you can click and download in the shop!

So from direct support from myself to those self led mini courses, you will be sure to find something that best suits you and the needs of your family!

My aim is to provide you with the information, so you can gain the knowledge you need, arming you with the tools and the confidence to tackle those sleep setbacks, gain that structure to your day and get that much needed rest you deserve!


Gentle Baby Sleep Consultant &

Maternity Practitioner

I am a qualified Maternity Practitioner which is a career focusing on parents with newborn babies and helping guide them through the fourth trimester. This included working nights, taking care of newborn babies through those night times for years, hence my desire to then help with all things baby sleep!

I am now a qualified Baby Sleep Consultant and with over 20 years experience with babies, I use my knowledge & experience to help parents tackle sleep setbacks, create new routines that work for the family & guide them through it step by step.

I offer Gentle Sleep Methods which aim to empower parents to be able to tackle their own personal sleep dramas & get their control back into their days.

You can choose an approach you feel comfortable with & I will offer my guidance & support throughout!

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